Photo: Sara Kiesling

Photo: Sara Kiesling


ANNALIA is an LA-based pop artist, who combines authenticity with clever lyricism and timeless sonic elements, to create a refreshingly organic pop sound that connects well with her audience. She’s a rarity among today’s budding pop artist, playing on relatable concepts in unexpected ways. It’s no wonder her self-contained, musical identity stands out.

She has been featured with Nylon, Popcrush, Popdust, All Things Go, YourEDM, Substream Magazine, Magnetic Magazine, The New Nine and more. Stay tuned for more!


Wavelength EP

"Human connection requires time, sacrifice and reciprocation. It involves doubt and the need for reassurance. It brings you to the heights of your joy and to the depths of your inner fears; even bringing to light things about yourself you didn't know before. It occurs naturally, but by no coincidence; like stars held together by gravitational attraction."