ANNALIA - "Wavelength"

Baby, baby
I hope you’re listening
I know what you’re running from
Impatiently waiting
Tellin you white lies
The truth, a little compromised

In my head
You’re everything
I’m dead set against
Yeah I know, I know but
In my hands
You’re everything
I need you to be
Yeah, I think i love it
I think I love your

You pulled me in but now you play it safe
Can't help yourself you're making me wait
And yeah I’m caught up in your ways baby
I like the way we ride the wavelength

Lately, lately
Convincing me it's okay
Can't ignore the way you move me
I’ll meet you half way
Your current is amazing
Yeah I’ll let it take me, take me

You get me
I get you
We’re in tune
I’m into you

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Written by ANNALIA and Andy Seltzer
Produced and Mixed by Andy Seltzer
Mastered by Aya Merrill
You wipe away my sorrows
The wavelength between
our hearts and breathless breathing
must be the definition of love
or maybe it’s the stars
playing as ventriloquists
I think of you all the time
because you’re in everything;
even the air I breathe
and I will lock that
in my wavelength for you forever
— Sage Short